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A Season of Gratitude for What Really Matters

Participation at this year’s winter solstice gathering on December 21st at the home of Tony and Fran McQuail bestowed the gift of one of the most loving, beautiful, and spiritual, Christmas season gatherings that I ever have experienced in my … Continue reading

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Then they came for us – How “strong and free” is Canada?

Dear fellow Canadians, do not ever take freedom of expression for granted. Many years ago I had my eyes opened to the various levels of social injustice in Canada, working fulltime as a freelance journalist. My previous rose-tinted eye glasses … Continue reading

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Still Point Where Activism and Contemplation Meet

I heard an ominous thud on the window, and saw a bird drop into the bushes. In early spring, the twigs are dry, brittle and sharp. Would the bird still be alive? I donned boots and gloves to rush outside … Continue reading

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Heather Robertson’s Life Deserves Remembrance

Heather Margaret Robertson will go down in Canadian history as the representative plaintiff in, and driving force behind, two class action suits that set a precedent in protecting the rights of freelance writers. The legacy she leaves us, following her … Continue reading

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War on Knowledge – Part 2: Cultural Workers Devalued

I fear what the future holds for younger generations, when so many societal trends appear to be pointing them in a direction away from deep understanding and pathways to develop one’s human potential. Factors include devaluing creative work and  higher … Continue reading

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