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Alphabet Versus Goddess – How Stories Shape Us

Never underestimate the power of written words. Certain words on certain documents changed and influenced human perceptions of the world, and beyond, for thousands of years. What also is noteworthy is how the awakening of our own power to read … Continue reading

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Alphabet Versus Goddess – Ways to Perceive Reality

He paced back and forth across the room like a caged animal. He spoke about life behind iron bars in a penitentiary, and other stories about a life in which he spent more years in institutions than with his family. … Continue reading

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Say No to Bullying, Porn & A Hypersexualized Society

The confluence of several events in recent days compels me to speak to why the `sacred feminine’ needs to be revitalized, because doing so is totally relevant where the tar hits the road. In other words, every culture, systemically, needs … Continue reading

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Wisdom That Lies Beneath – Inner Ways of Knowing

When is knowledge “written in stone” not `written in stone’? This is not a trick question. It relates, however, to the question that I raised in my previous blog post: Where does the expression “written in stone” originate? My proposed … Continue reading

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