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Do You Know Where You Live? May I Suggest – A Bioregion

Well, folks, the gloves are off. I now can identify the real reason that motivated me to write this post. Several municipal councils in my region are considering a proposal to bury high level nuclear waste here. Different strategies are … Continue reading

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People of a Feather Show Us Why Sustainability Matters

The solemn faces of the family speak volumes as they sit riveted watching the TV images of a hydro dam, a chain of reservoirs and effects upon the water, while David Suzuki explains what they already know. Their healthy, self-sustaining … Continue reading

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Daily Living and Work With the Sacred Feminine

The second half of my life has been greatly enriched by opening my mind and heart to the unknown, to find myself on unexpected roads, physically and otherwise. On a local trip recently, I turned my car north, instead of … Continue reading

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